Wall Decoration, Signage, and Window Graphics for “Le Moulin” Offices in Strasbourg

Creating a unifying identity in a space that houses three distinct entities was a challenge we enjoyed taking on! Housing the offices of ADIE, France Active, and Créacité, “Le Moulin” is a unique place designed to support entrepreneurs in their journeys. It required imagining the entire identity of the space through a logo, graphic guidelines, a comprehensive signage concept, window graphics, and wall murals.

Logo and Graphic Guidelines: Creating a space Identity

The creative principle behind this logo is based on graphic elements that represent both the mill’s blades and the four cardinal points, centered around the letter M. Future entrepreneurs come to “Le Moulin” to share, receive advice, guidance, and support on their path. Thus, “Le Moulin” represents the guide, the assistance to navigate in one’s personal journey and arrive at a safe destination. This new logo is integrated into all graphic, signage, and decorative elements, spreading throughout the building and its communication.

Personalized Decorative Signage

Designing clear and dynamic signage is often a challenge for many companies. We specialize in creating signage that is both clear and aesthetically pleasing, harmonizing function and emotion. For “Le Moulin,” the logo is used as a guiding element within the building. To add a cozy “at home” touch, we opted for stylish frames that transform into door plates, directional signs, and other indications.

Design Window Graphics for the Entrance and Custom Wallpaper

The entrance boasts a simple yet impactful design, in line with the building’s concept. The entrance’s window graphics are both decorative and informative. For the meeting room, we softened the vibrant yellow of a wall and furnishings with blue tones while introducing a touch of greenery. The layout and furniture selection were curated by Valerie Dumas from Déco ê Sens. The panoramic designs also incorporate the logo, creating a vibrant, modern, personalized, and bright meeting space.

A Project to See in Strasbourg!

A big thank you to the teams at ADIE, France Active, and Créacité for this fantastic project. If you wish to see it, or if you need information regarding starting or taking over a business, you can visit “Le Moulin” in Strasbourg!

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