2 designers
35 years of expérience,
10 national and international awards

The Muses, Creative Duo

Passionate, daring, and inspired. The Muses is the story of Pascale LAROCHE and Nilda HERNANDEZ, two creatives whose encounter sparked the beginning of this wonderful journey.

The Muses is a creative studio dedicated to Art and Design for spaces.

We believe that a space is more than just the sum of its functions: it’s a realm of existence, emotion. It shelters people, values, stories, commitments, and uses.

Understanding your spaces, listening to your stories, starting to imagine, then picking up our pencils to draw, bringing to life what we’ve envisioned for you, and finally unveiling the grand projects: each step of every project is a creative and artistic challenge we absolutely relish.

Recognition and Awards

Since 2019, our projects have taken us across France and even abroad. They allow us to work on a wide array of spaces, both public and private.

In 2021, our work catches the attention of Stéphane Thébaut (design specialist and creator of the French TV show “La Maison France 5”). Stéphane and his team decide to present our studio in one of their shows.

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In 2022, we win three consecutive awards for our innovative projects: the 1st Urbest Prize for Cultural Projects, the 1st 4S Prize in the Cultural Innovation category, and the 1st YAGO Prize in the Digital and Cultural Economy category.

In 2023, we win the 1st Prize for Window Design at the Antalis International Design Awards.

35 Years of Experience

Pascale LAROCHE holds a Master’s degree from the Academy of Applied Arts of Budapest. Her career as an art director takes her far and wide.

With over 20 years in the field, many of her concepts are praised by her peers and even recognized with awards.

During her career, she won a Silver and a Bronze Effie Award in New York, two Lollipop Awards, and a prestigious Bronze Blade for her creativity.

Four of her creations were selected by the Antalis Design Awards to feature in their reference project catalog.

Meanwhile, Nilda HERNANDEZ earns a Master’s degree in Multimedia and Arts, which she supplements with Illustration at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. She pursues her career for over 10 years in communication and project management in agencies and then in major international corporations before joining an Art workshop where she crosses paths with… Pascale.


2023 – SEMIA, Tobacco Manufacture of Strasbourg, France – Wall murals, window art, signage

2022 – Hoffmann Group, France headquarters – Wall mural

2022 – Agde Theatre, France – Decorative signage, custom window art

2022 – NetApp, France headquarters (Paris) – Wall murals, window art, signage

2022 – Loeber Group headquarters (Schiltigheim) – Wall mural

2021 – Agde Library, France – Decorative signage, window art

2021 – Dutscher Group, France headquarters – Wall murals

2021 – Azaé Domaliance, headquarters (Strasbourg) – Wall murals, window art, signage

2021 – Alsace Active, Adira agency (Strasbourg) – Wall murals, window art, signage

2020 – Alsace Habitat, agency (Bischheim) – Wall mural

2020 – Korus agency (Nordhouse) – Wall murals

2019 – Café Sati, headquarters (Strasbourg) – Wall murals

2019 – Groff Hotel (Biesheim) – Wall murals

2018 – Dijon University Hospital – Wall murals

2018 – Ehpad de Bourgueil – Wall murals, signage

2018 – Agora de Guilherand Granges – Wall murals, window art, signage

2018 – Mercedes Workshops (Molsheim) – Wall murals

2018 – Sénart University (Fontainebleau) – Wall murals, window art

2018 – Apt Hospital Center – Wall murals

2018 – Ehpad Emilien Bouin (Chauray) – Wall murals, signage

2018 – CROUS Nice – Backlit mural

2017 – Lorient University Hospital – Wall murals, window art

2017 – CROUS Veracruz Bordeaux, restaurant – Wall murals, window art

2017 – CROUS Medicine Bordeaux – Wall murals, window art

2017 – École Polytechnique de Paris, lX – Wall mural

2018 – CROUS Versailles, Eileen Gray residence – Wall murals, signage

2018 – Necker Hospital for Children – Wall murals, signage, window art

2017 – Saint Joseph Library of La Réunion – Wall murals, signage

2018 – CROUS Paul Appel de Strasbourg – Wall murals, window art

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