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Imagining well-designed offices? We can assist you.


The Muses’ founders have 35 years of experience, 10 awards in France and internationally, and numerous works. And we put all our expertise into your project!

Murals, interior signage, window art, and even acoustic solutions: we have more than one technique up our sleeve to make your offices stand out.

Our designers carefully study your spaces and, most importantly, listen to you. Reception, meeting rooms, break areas, creative spaces, work cafes: let’s co-create extraordinary spaces beyond catalogs.

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Custom & Innovative Window decals

Combine functionality with aesthetics: what if your windows allowed you to add decoration to your offices while ensuring privacy?

At The Muses, we craft unique creations to align with your architectural and design projects. All our window art is designed by our designers and custom-made in our workshops.

Corporate window decals become artistic!

Brand Identity: Express Yourself

Wallpaper, murals, decals, frames: we are experts in wall decoration. But that’s not all!

From walls to ceilings, we can envision various solutions to make our spaces exceptional.

We even offer acoustic solutions or options suitable for bathrooms.

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