Privacy film and Creativity : the Art of office window decals with Maison Les Muses

Today, office decoration goes far beyond mere furniture arrangement. It now serves as a catalyst for a stimulating work environment, promoting creativity and efficiency among employees. In this dynamic, Maison […]

Décoration du Salon de Café pour la Design House lors de la Mexico Design Week 2023. Salon donnant sur le jardin, entièrement travaillé par les architectes Faci Leboreiro pour faire voyager le visiter dans le monde du café, du grain à la tasse. Au mur, on peut voir notre motif Patchwork Mania personnalisé en couleurs rouge profond pour l'occasion. Decoration of the Coffee Lounge for the Design House during Mexico Design Week 2023. A lounge overlooking the garden, entirely crafted by the architects Faci Leboreiro to take the visitor on a journey through the world of coffee, from bean to cup. On the wall, you can see our custom Patchwork Mania pattern customized in deep red colors for the occasion. Decoración del Salón de Café para la Design House durante la Design Week México 2023. Un salón con vistas al jardín, completamente elaborado por los arquitectos Faci Leboreiro para llevar el visitante a un viaje por el mundo del café, desde el grano hasta la taza. En la pared, se puede ver nuestro diseño personalizado de Patchwork Mania en colores rojo profundo para la ocasión.

Mexico Design Week 2023: Maison Les Muses selected to represent French savoir-faire.

From October 12 to November 5, 2023, the city of Mexico hosts the fifteenth edition of Mexico Design Week, an event designed for design enthusiasts, offering a rich and diverse […]

Why Choose Maison Les Muses, a Recognized Signage Company

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Startup Decoration: The “Semia” project

Startups and historical places make a great match! For its new premises, the incubator for innovative startups, Semia, chose the former Tobacco Factory in Strasbourg. A 20,000 m² space in […]

Create Your Design Window Decal with the Collection

Design also finds its way onto your glass partitions. Original and tailored decorations: these are window decals. At Les Muses, we can create completely dedicated window decals, but to make […]

The MAG Project: an example of library signage and decoration

User-friendly signage for library Effective signage for a library is built on a deep understanding of user pathways. Through in-person space analysis and plan studies, Les Muses base their layout […]

1st prize of the 4S competition

We are pleased to announce to you that The Muses have been awarded the 1st Prize in the 4S Innovation Seed Contest organized by Crédit Mutuel. This competition rewards innovative […]

1st Prize of the Yago Competition

We are very pleased to announce to you that The Muses have won the 1st Prize in the YAGO Entrepreneurship Talents competition in the Digital Economy category for our augmented […]

Interview for OR Norme

The latest special issue of OR Norme is dedicated to a meaningful verb that we greatly appreciate: “to inhabit.” In preparation for this issue, the magazine’s editorial team visited our […]