A Touch of Art

Bringing together function and emotion.

Unique & Custom Signage

Enhance the experience of your patients and healthcare staff with decorative, original, and custom signage.

Let’s utilize walls, ceilings, and windows to guide users while providing comfort. We put our technical and artistic expertise at your service to deploy decorative, original, and custom signage.

A single point of contact from design to installation: simple!

Art & Inclusivity

Your spaces accommodate diverse audiences: let’s deploy adapted artworks.
Our designers are trained in inclusive signage, and we’ve even developed our own signage guide that’s comprehensible to the widest range of people and respectful of standards.

Collaborating with Architects

The Muses’ founders have 35 years of experience, 10 awards in France and internationally, and numerous works. We offer all our expertise to create unique and well-thought-out spaces.
Let’s co-create the architectural reference project of tomorrow!

nos derniers projets

They trust our creativity