The MAG Project: an example of library signage and decoration

User-friendly signage for library

Effective signage for a library is built on a deep understanding of user pathways. Through in-person space analysis and plan studies, Les Muses base their layout proposals on a meticulous analysis of volumes.

The Agde Library was a spacious open area with some slightly recessed and hidden corners. The key was to make the pathway intuitive and avoid clutter to enhance focus on the less visible spaces. We employed various materials—plaques, adhesive graphics, window decals—to adapt to the unique structure of the building and offer signage that is both clear and decorative.

signalétique pour médiathèque

Pictograms, Decorations, and Typography

On the white walls, the decorations naturally stand out, guiding the gaze instinctively. The typography used is simple and highly legible, promoting readability for everyone, including dyslexic individuals. The use of custom pictograms adds an extra touch!

"What a privilege to have shared a bit of this adventure with you! Our library is adorned with a harmonious and original visual identity, thanks to your dedication, listening, and talent. Despite various challenges and the uniqueness of the building, you managed to adapt your proposals, evolving them without ever losing your professionalism or enthusiasm. From conception to installation, we could rely on your advice and availability, resulting in an outcome that delights both the public and the staff. Thank you again, and bravo!"

Julia Rautenberg
Director of Agathoise Library

signalétique pour médiathèque

Two Distinct Universes that Contribute to the library Signage

To pay tribute to the residents of Agde and their region, we conceived a visual identity inspired by the landscapes of the region. On the ground floor, the illustrations feature motifs from the local area, such as vines and Mont Saint-Loup. On the first floor, water takes the spotlight! Seaweeds, fish, marshes, and ports were hand-drawn by Pascale, one of our co-founders. The shapes, materials, and colors of the different elements overlay to create landscapes and scenes familiar to visitors.

vitrophanie pour médiathèque
décoration pour médiathèque

This project is a dedicated creation conceived for the Library of Agde. Click here to learn more about our dedicated creations.

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