Welcoming, Meaningful & Unique Spaces

Customer Experience starts Here.

Vision & creativity

Do you envision a boutique, a concept store? We can assist you.

The Muses’ founders have 35 years of experience, 10 awards in France and internationally, and numerous works. We offer all our expertise to serve your project!

Murals, interior signage, and window art: we have more than one technique up our sleeve to make your spaces extraordinary, from design to installation. A single point of contact for your project: simple!

Stand Out!

Tired of the same old wallpapers? So are we!
Customize our creations as you desire or order a unique and exclusive artwork.

Patterns, colors, materials: we create everything tailored for your project, and our installation team travels throughout France and internationally.

Exceptional windows

Outside your place is already a bit of your space! Your shopfront should intrigue, tell your story, and entice people to walk in.

We master the subtle and delicate art of window art! Colors, trends, cuts, transparency effects: the possibilities are endless.

nos derniers projets

They trust our creativity