Custom creative window decal for luxury hotels

As experts in signage and decoration, we understand the importance of every detail in creating a unique and memorable hotel.

That’s why we take pride in presenting our expertise in custom creative window decal, a technique that adds a personalized touch of elegance to every hotel space. In this article, we share how window decals can transform your hotel into an unforgettable experience for your guests while reflecting your creative vision.

Maison Les Muses vitrophanie art nouveau hotel de luxe Maison Les Muses vinilo cristal decorativo Art Nouveau en hotel de lujo Maison les Muses Art Nouveau custom decorative window decal for luxury hotel

Creating unique ambiances

Every space in a hotel has a story to tell. A custom creative window decal allows us to collaborate with you to create unique designs that match the atmosphere and style you desire. We specialize in crafting artistic window decals designs that add a memorable dimension to the guest experience.

Creative Window Decal : flexibility and creativity

Creative window decals are the ideal solution for personalizing your spaces. You can choose a design from our Customizable Collection : 11 unique patterns, fully adaptable to your project. Colors, frosted glass effect, transparency effects… everything is possible!

Whether it’s creating privacy zones in common areas or adding an aesthetic touch to rooms, creative window decals offer limitless creative flexibility.

Integration of your identity

Would you prefer a visual identity dedicated entirely to your establishment?

We can assist with that too! Through co-design, we’ll imagine patterns, shapes, and colors that reflect your hotel’s personality: a concept exclusively for you, inspired by your history.

Subtly integrating your brand into your decor strengthens your hotel’s identity. This approach creates a consistent experience for guests while reflecting your establishment’s reputation.

Salle de bain avec double vitrophanie dépoli Art Déco, motif Gatsby par Maison Les Muses. Art deco window decal frosted glass and black, creation named Gatsby by Maison Les Muses Vinilo decorativo efecto vidrio esmerilado y negro, estilo Art Deco. Creación Gatsby por Maison Les Muses

Impact on the guest experience: it can be more than a window decal

At Les Muses, we excel in three areas: glass decoration, wall decoration, and signage.

Our creations can be applied to a wide range of mediums, from room numbers to panoramic wallpaper, ensuring visual coherence in every detail of your establishment. This further strengthens your brand, your hotel’s identity, and the guest experience!

Internationally awarded expertise

Our commitment to excellence in custom decals has been recognized with the prestigious Antalis International Interior Design Award.

Maison Les Muses received the Best Creative Window Decal award, demonstrating our passion for creating exceptional and innovative spaces.

Our panoramics have also been selected for the Mexico Design House 2023 by Faci Leboreiro. Discover our creation, Patchwork Mania, as featured in AD Magazine.

Creative window decals transcend mere hotel decoration. They infuse a unique and personalized aesthetic into every space. Maison Les Muses is ready to take on this challenge with you, collaborating to create window decal designs that tell your hotel’s story. With our expertise in signage and decoration, we invite you to transform every corner of your establishment into a memorable and unique experience for your guests.

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What do we do ?

We are Maison Les Muses, a company that creates fully customized wall decorations, signage, and window decals for professionals and communities.

We offer solutions tailored to your preferences and budget, whether it’s customizable patterns or dedicated artworks, and we work in various fields such as hospitality, catering, offices, startups, retail, communities, and healthcare.

Our workshop is based in France, in Strasbourg, and we have 35 years of experience and have won 10 awards in France and internationally for our innovations and creativity. We are also committed to environmental responsibility and manufacture our products in France, using carefully selected materials and eco-friendly inks.