Office decoration : a Mural in the Reception area of these headquarters

Feeling a bit cramped in their former premises, Dominique Dutscher began the construction of their new headquarters last year. In early 2020, their management and teams reached out to us for the creation of custom murals in their premises.

Concerned about the quality of work life for their employees, they aimed to welcome all their collaborators into new, colorful, and lively spaces.

We thus agreed to decorate two key areas of the company’s life: the reception corridor and the cafeteria. We’ve already discussed the cafeteria here, and now we present our creation for the reception corridor!

Custom Mural for the Reception: Conveying the Company’s Values and Core Business

Inspired by greenhouse gardens, we aimed to create a soft and calming ambiance around the laboratory world. The goal was to welcome employees and external visitors in a serene environment while emphasizing the company’s core values and expertise.

The shapes of beakers, giant test tubes… bring to life plants and DNA vines. The sketched graphical treatment of the plants offsets the geometric aspect of the composition, highlighting a more humane vision. All of this is elevated by the company’s 5 core values: audacity, respect, tenacity, excellence, authenticity!

Learn more about the dedicated creation.

Overall Atmosphere for Office Decoration: Coordinated Paintings!

To provide a comprehensive setting for this mural and to liven up the overly white walls, our installers also repainted the wall along the entire length of the corridor! We selected the “Maldives” shade, in perfect harmony with the mural and the spirit that Dutscher and its employees wanted to convey. A journey to the lab’s paradise!

Thank you very much for this wonderful collaboration. The result is superb, and all Dutscher employees appreciate your work on a daily basis.
Chief Administrative and Financial Officer, Dutscher Group