Meeting Room Decoration

Here’s yet another new project where we were able to unleash our imagination! We had the opportunity to collaborate with the Korus agency for the decoration of their meeting room.

Our mission was not only to decorate the back wall, which is visible during video conferences, but also to create an elegant discreet design on the glass partition between the meeting room and the executive’s office.

Our Meeting Room Decoration Concept for Korus

The main idea was to open up the space and create height by bringing the outside in. The view seems to expand, inviting the surrounding nature indoors.

The protective and calming tree offers ideal conditions for meetings, collaboration, and, above all, provides a lovely viewpoint for external participants attending the video conference. Our designer Nilda handled the design in patterns to suggest the tree’s silhouette and stylize the organic aspect of the creation without weighing down the composition. The impression of nature is achieved through the interplay of macroscopic and microscopic elements, light and shadow, delicate patterns, and large areas of vibrant colors.

And our project doesn’t stop there! Discover our creations for the open space and the material library.

An Aesthetic and Unique Window Graphic

Decorating a meeting room also involves adorning the glass surfaces.

Thanks to our adhesive glass veil, the wall mural continues to unfold on the windows. The printed textile allows for an elegant discreet display without obstructing the light. It’s a wonderful way to bridge functionality with aesthetics.

A Remarkable Success!

Once again, a big thank you to Thomas Velty – Director of Korus – and his entire team for trusting us to decorate their premises.

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