Wall and Partition decor for Open Space at an architecture agency

We had previously presented our intervention in the meeting room: discover this week our creations for the open space and material library decoration at Korus. Let’s take a tour in a playful and colorful universe

Colors, Shapes, and Materials for the Material Library

“La Fabrik” is the beautiful material library that the entire Korus team uses daily to create their layouts. Materials, shapes, and colors are manipulated there every day. The idea was to create a custom mural reflecting this creativity! A pop, playful, and colorful universe, formed by large shapes and mineral and organic material effects. An invitation to experimentation and a vibrant decoration for the adjacent open space collaborators.

Mural and Window Graphics: Open Space Decoration on Both Walls and Glass

For this beautiful space, the decoration needed to be visible from the corridor and then take flight on the wall, partitions, and glass doors. Therefore, we combined three different intervention techniques: window graphics with our beautiful glass veil, custom wallpaper, and some additional adhesive elements on the wall for continuity. Three techniques in the service of one space and a single 100% custom decoration.

Three Techniques, Two Spaces, Two Universes, and One Happy Client

Thank you to the entire Korus team for this wonderful collaboration. We were delighted to contribute to this project and add our touch to their new workspaces. Decorating their open space and meeting room was a joy to design: well, you know, we’re quite fortunate!

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