Glass Decals: The Secret to decorate any glass surface

In Alsace, France – where we are from – the Christmas markets have opened their doors this weekend. Exactly one month before Christmas, the streets of our cities are adorned with enchanting decorations, and the shopkeepers dress their windows with festive displays. It’s the perfect opportunity to talk to you about glass decals!

What is Glass Decal?

Glass decals involve decorating any type of glass surfaces. Whether for signage or decoration, it’s created by applying one or more colored films. These films can be opaque, frosted, transparent, micro-perforated, diffusing, or printed, taking advantage of the latest technical innovations. The range of glass decals has significantly expanded in recent years. Whether seasonal or permanent, you encounter glass decals every day on the windows or signs of your local businesses. It can also be used to decorate glass partitions, particularly to create more private work or meeting spaces while allowing light to pass through. Glass decals are, therefore, an ideal decorative tool.

Artistic Glass Decals?

Often, glass decals are primarily used for signage purposes. They tend to be simple, less colorful, or even monochromatic, with the material’s possibilities being underutilized. Yet, with a touch of imagination and a lot of expertise, glass decals can be treated like murals or stained glass windows.

At Les Muses, we are, of course, specialists in wall murals and wallpaper. But did you know that we also offer glass decal services? We approach this medium with the same precision and creativity as we do for wall decorations. In fact, why not combine the two? Walls can then respond to windows, creating spaces in perfect harmony!

Looking for the perfect glass decoration? Get in touch with us!

Maison Les Muses vitrophanie de paysage sur une cloison vitrée dans un bureau. Vitrophanie design et vitrophanie bureau. Maison Les Muses landscape window decal on a glass partition in an office. Design window decals and privacy film. Vinilos para oficinas que representan paisajes hechos por Maison Les Muses en una mampara de cristal. Vinilos para mamparas de vidrio en oficina moderna.