Decoration by the Muses in the New Premises of a coffee specialist!

Wondering how a project with exclusive creations goes at the Muses? Well, here’s a great opportunity to explain our concept: the decoration of Café Sati’s offices in Strasbourg. Two murals for two walls: one at the entrance, the other on the staircase. Let’s take a guided tour!

First mural: Embark on a journey from the entrance!

The request was, of course, to adorn the walls in the theme of coffee and roasting.

For its creation, Pascale chose a graphic invitation to travel. She immerses us in the flavors and aromas of different coffees. Inspired by the collection of objects related to roasting from around the world in Café Sati’s premises, she created an imaginary landscape, lush with patterns.

Each traditional motif represents a coffee-producing continent: South America, Africa, and Asia. A great introduction as soon as you arrive on the premises!

Thanks to the Muses for the creative proposals that brightened up our new premises, which were a hit with the employees. Les Muses show professionalism, offer suggestions, and managed to highlight our walls while keeping in mind the coffee theme that is unique to our roasting.
Marion Zeder
Marketing Manager, Café Sati Strasbourg

Mural on the staircase: Reimagining the herbarium

Here too, the theme was coffee! What could be more natural for the offices of a coffee roaster!

For her mural, Nilda chose to work on a composition inspired by botanical illustrations. This is modernized by the use of deep colors and the addition of textures and graphical elements in layers. The treatment also evokes the cut-out papers of Matisse, which we greatly appreciate at The Muses.

A result that delights the Café Sati teams and us as well!

We wanted to thank Café Sati and its teams for their kindness and enthusiasm throughout our collaboration. This project has been a creative joy for us!

This project is a dedicated creation exclusively designed for Cafe Sati. Want to know more about Dedicated Creations?

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