Decorating a Room with Wallpaper

Decoration means creating spaces, and your spaces should be practical yet inviting! A kitchen, a bedroom, a living room can express your personality. Colors and furniture are essential for personalizing a space, but panoramic wallpaper can be a new decorative ally. Let us explain how!

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What is Panoramic Wallpaper?

Panoramic wallpaper is a mural whose design has been cut into wallpaper strips. Unlike regular wallpaper, which repeats the same design on each strip, panoramic wallpaper is one of the latest decoration trends, as showcased in Elle, for instance.

How Can Panoramic Wallpaper Help you Highlight a Room?

The advantage of panoramic wallpaper is that it easily creates a focal point in a space, just like a “statement piece” does in an outfit. However, a focal point doesn’t necessarily mean bold or very colorful. It can be subtle yet soothing.

Due to its extra-large size, panoramic wallpaper creates a “wow” effect. It can also help expand spaces optically, giving the impression that a wall is wider or taller. It can define different areas within a single room or highlight a piece of furniture. For example, in a bedroom, it can be used as a headboard for a bed.

How to Install Panoramic Wallpaper?

All our wallpapers are custom-made for your wall. We deliver them in numbered strips with installation guides. We have also prepared an installation guide with all our tips, right here.

Architects and interior decorators: at Les Muses, we work with you to create incredible interiors! If you want more information about our Customizable Collection, receive our catalogs, or discuss your project with a designer, send an email to hello@maisonlesmuses.com.

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