Clinics and Hospitals: Why Invest in Decoration?

Hospitals and clinics are unique places where stress, difficulties, worries, and joys converge. In these conditions, decoration might seem unnecessary. However, for over 20 years, several studies have shown that decoration (or the absence of decoration) in healthcare spaces not only impacts the mood of patients but also motivates medical staff. Let’s delve into the reasons.

Why Do Artistic Decorations Help?

The effects of decoration have a biological basis, directly observable in our brains. Jean-Pierre Changeux, a neurobiologist and professor at the Collège de France, explains the brain’s response to a work of art in an interview with Beaux Arts Magazine: “There are transformations by the retina of light radiations into electrical signals that propagate in our brain, from the visual cortex to the prefrontal cortex, triggering a flood of dopamine… the pleasure hormone!”

Our brain perceives art as a reward. And he continues: “Beauty is essential to humans because it does us good.”

Faced with a work of art, our brain can even activate neurons involved in the empathy mechanism. It can “recognize” an emotion in a work and allow us to physically feel its effects.

The impacts on health are very tangible: a 2018 study by the Royal College of Psychiatrists demonstrated that regular exposure to cultural works could reduce the risk of depression in adults by 48%.

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Effects of Decoration in the Healthcare Environment

Decoration significantly enhances the patient experience. An American study, for example, showed that patients who had access to a decorated room had better memories of their hospital experience, even in cases of serious illness.

Positive results have also been measured in other types of patients, such as pediatric services.

Art reduces stress, enhances the overall patient experience, and improves the working conditions of medical staff, positively influencing interactions between medical personnel and patients.

It facilitates initiating a dialogue with a nervous patient, distracting a child during a painful examination…

Combining Utility and Aesthetics: Artistic Signage

We are artists and designers: our work involves creating incredible interiors in various types of spaces.

We blend traditional and digital techniques to craft unique designs.

We also specialize in signage and inclusive signage, allowing us to combine our two competencies to create extraordinary clinics.

Distinguishing floors and services, adding decorative murals, guiding patients, creating magical environments for pediatric services… all these elements are crucial for establishing visual coherence in your clinic and enhancing the experiences of everyone and their spaces.

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