Partition Decoration: The Trick for Personalized Open Spaces

Partition decoration is the new trick to make your open spaces both beautiful and functional. The trend is leaning towards large open spaces and fully glazed meeting rooms. But what about privacy? Functionality? Decoration? We explain how to make your offices beautiful and functional by utilizing glass partitions.

Glass Partitions: A Decorative Medium Like Any Other

Today, there are many ways to aesthetically invest in glass partitions. Stained or opaque effects, micro-perforated film, frosted glass…: glass is a medium like any other to display decor, your company’s values, your logo: this is what’s called window graphics or window decals.In essence, the design is subject to minimal technical constraints, allowing us to easily explore shapes and colors. Partition decoration is thus a very simple way to occupy spaces.

vitrophanie pour bureaux

Decorating a Partition: Combining Utility with Pleasure

As explained earlier, it’s now easy to offer genuine decorative concepts on glass partitions: so why not go further by also incorporating a function?

For example, recreating a privacy area within a glazed open space by favoring semi-opaque or opaque designs over the full height of the partition or only in the discrete sections.

Or using the glass as a signage medium to indicate the name of a room, a direction.

Partition decoration can go beyond mere aesthetic dressing.

The Need for Decoration in Offices

Decoration is not a futile investment. It contributes to two important aspects of your business: the well-being of your employees and your employer brand. And these two factors directly impact your results and your employees’ productivity. We’ve conducted extensive research on this subject and offer a summary here.

Can Les Muses Help Me Decorate My Open Space?

The answer is… yes! Specialists in mural creation and signage, our work is to understand your company and offer aesthetic solutions tailored to your activity, project, and budget, crafted by us and entirely made in France.

Feel free to get in touch with us via ou au +33(0) 9 73 66 14 13; we can assist you with your partition or wall decoration.