New Signage for the Theater in the city of Agde, France

We were approached to create an artistic and inclusive signage and elegant decorations inspired by both Art Nouveau and the surrounding flora.

Hand-drawn elongated stems depict forms that are both floral and geometric, bringing verticality to the space and opening up the areas.

A play of colors, materials, and textures is used in transparencies, evoking both fauna, flora, and the characteristic maritime elements of the city of Agde.

The plants, particularly inspired by Spanish irises and seagrasses, fit into the landscapes of the region. Meanwhile, Art Nouveau is reminiscent of the nearby Villa Laurens.

Chic, modernity, and a nod to the cultural and natural heritage of the location: a subtle combination that we highlighted alongside the theater’s signage.

Signalétique bâtiment : signalétique Théâtre de Agde et signalétique directionnelle design par Maison Les Muses dans un style Art Nouveau. Señalética para edificios : señalética para Teatro y señalización direccional diseño por Maison Les Muses, estilo Art Nouveau. Building signage: theater signage and directional signage designed by Maison Les Muses, in the Art nouveau style

Inclusive Signage: our commitment

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to our approach to wayfinding signage.

We firmly believe that every individual, regardless of their background, abilities, or needs, deserves to feel welcomed and guided, especially in a theater. That’s why we have developed our own customizable and inclusive signage charter.

Striking color contrasts, tailored fonts, and thoughtful designs are elements we carefully incorporate into our signage creations. This approach ensures that all individuals can navigate the space with confidence.

Entreprise de signalétique, signalétique inclusive représentant des pictogrammes inclusifs sur fond rouge

This project is a dedicated creation conceived for the Agde Theater. Click here to learn more about our dedicated creations.

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