Library of Agde, France: Unconventional Decoration, Signage design, and Transparent Window Decals

Welcome to the brand-new library of the city of Agde! Decorative window decals, signage design, wall decoration: we envisioned the visual identity of the place and translated the illustrations onto various mediums, all while navigating the challenges of distance and two lockdowns!

Guided Tour!

Inspired Library Decoration

A library is a central point of cultural life and social connection. So when the residents have been eagerly awaiting theirs for over 2 years, it’s quite a challenge!

To pay tribute to the people of Agde and their region, we created a visual identity inspired by the local landscapes. On the ground floor, the illustrations incorporate motifs of the region, the vineyards, Mount Saint-Loup… On the first floor, water takes center stage! Seaweed, fish, marshes, and ports were hand-drawn by Pascale, one of our co-founders.

The shapes, textures, and colors of the different elements overlap to create landscapes and scenes familiar to visitors.

In fact, the Agde City team loved our illustrations so much that they also asked us to design the Library logo!

Library Signage: Linking Function to Emotion

Who said you couldn’t have decorative signage in a library? Certainly not the Muses!

Directional signage, zone names, layout plans: we adapted our illustrations to all mediums, while also including the essential elements for user orientation. It’s beautiful AND well-thought-out!

Window Decals, Stickers, Plaques…: Multiple Techniques for one space

We personally design all our projects: that’s one of the reasons why we can translate them into various mediums. Window decals, stickers, plaques… we choose the ideal medium for each space.

For the decorative signage of the library, we had to work with multiple techniques to ensure that users and the team had a comprehensive environment that suited the spaces and shelf placement.

From stylish window decals at the entrance to reception kiosk decoration with stickers: anything is possible with The Muses!

What a privilege to have shared a bit of this adventure with you! Our media library now boasts a harmonious and original visual identity, thanks to your dedication, your listening skills, and your talent. Despite various challenges and the uniqueness of the building, you managed to adapt your proposals, evolve them without ever losing your professionalism or enthusiasm. From conception to installation, we could rely on your advice and availability, resulting in a solution that delights the public and staff. Thank you again, and well done!
Julia Rautenberg
Director of the Agde Library

A True Success and Great Pride

We want to thank the entire team of the Library, as well as the City of Agde, and especially the director of the Library, Ms. Julia Rautenberg. Thanks to this project, we continue to actively combat the standardization of spaces.

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