How to easily Harmonize an interior : Custom Panoramics, the Time-Saving Trick for Every Interior Designer

Looking for a panoramic, considering colors, materials, falling in love with a beautiful piece of furniture, imagining how to harmonize… giving up on the panoramic or the furniture because they will never match or spending hours searching for an alternative…

That’s also what interior decoration is about! By working with decoration professionals, we understood that they needed possibilities to easily explore their creative potential. That’s why we created The Collection: a series of panoramics that can be customized in color and format, hand-drawn by us and Made in France. You’ll never be stuck due to color or format issues again!

An example in pictures with the lovely studio decoration designed by Peylie Maret, space designer at Maret Création, and the custom panoramic Cali.

Custom Maison les Muses Panoramic: Time-Saving and Guaranteed Result

The Collection consists of patterns that we designed in our Strasbourg workshop. Designed to be fully customizable, we can adapt them to the colors you want and to the format of your wall.

It’s as simple as this: just send us your mood board! We will adjust the chosen pattern to your colors.

And for the format, it’s just as easy: provide us with the measurements of your wall, and we will create the perfect panoramic for you. Attached to a specific element in the pattern? We can move it!

In short, it’s simple and allows you to save precious time.

Moreover, all our panoramics are Made in France.

Cali, a Geometric Panoramic Inspired by Nature and Architecture

Cali is a pattern created by our designer Nilda Hernandez. Inspired by her travels, she conceived this panoramic where the straight lines of architecture contrast with the lushness of vegetation. Arches, architecture, nature: a dynamic blend for a graphic wallpaper that beckons you to escape.

For this project, Peylie Maret chose to work with our Satine shade of the pattern, its greens slightly tinged with blue to match the sofa.

The result: a cozy and soft studio decoration while remaining stylishly decorative!

It was a real pleasure collaborating with Maison les Muses. Very professional and attentive to adapting the mural to my project. My clients are delighted, and so am I! Perfect for a unique and completely tailored interior. Deadlines are respected. I highly recommend!
Peylie Maret
Maret Creation

Maison Les Muses and Interior Designers: A Successful Collaboration!

Thanks again to Peylie for this beautiful project, which was our first installation in Thonon.

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