From Your Moodboard to Reality: How to Incorporate The Collection into Your Project

Impressed by a creation from our Collection? Here’s how the customizable collection by Les Muses work!

Whether you need a panoramic, window decals, signage, or all three, our mission is to ensure that things happen smoothly and effortlessly!

Advice, customization, delivery, and even installation: we assist you at every step!

Customizable Panoramic, Window Decals, or Signage: It All Starts with a Discussion

Present your project to us! What colors do you envision? What are the measurements of the spaces to be decorated? What’s the budget? Which pattern from the Collection have you chosen?

Following this discussion, you’ll receive a detailed estimate tailored to your project.

The Collection consists of patterns that we designed in our workshop. Designed to be fully modified, we can adapt them to the colors you desire, as well as the format of your wall.

Personalized Vision: Choose the Creation that Fits Your Needs from Our Collection

We present to you the selected pattern, personalized for your project. Colors, formats: we can adapt everything according to your requirements.

All the patterns from the Collection can be integrated into your project as murals, decals, window graphics, and signage. And if you desire a fully customized project, we can also create an ambiance that suits you.

Final Touches, Attention to Detail

We make the corrections and adjustments requested until the final Approval to Print, which validates the production of the requested elements.

All our designs undergo quality control before being sent!

Implementation: Delivery or Installation Across the world

Your order is delivered to your preferred location. Planning to install it yourself? We provide an explanatory document, step by step! But we can also handle the installation: our teams operate all across the world.