Decorative Signage and Professional Office Decoration for Headquarters

Discover how we used “Nature and Materials” a pattern from our Customizable Collection, to adorn the five floors of Azaé‘s new premises ! Decorative signage, wall panoramas, window decals: we will showcase our expertise for a single space. A successful partnership with the VOOS-FRIEDEL studio, responsible for the layout.

Vegetal Elements for a Lively Professional Office Decoration

To complement their impressive layout project, VOOS FRIEDEL and Azaé desired a plant-inspired, organic, and colorful decoration. They chose the “Nature & Materials” pattern from our Customizable Collection.

And for its implementation, it was as easy as providing us with the color references used for the furniture and custom fittings, allowing us to harmonize the colors of our murals with the spaces. A real time-saver for them, and above all, a unique outcome for the professional office decoration!

Decorative Signage, in Harmony with the Decor

Murals are wonderful, but being able to synchronize all signage with the decor and furniture is even better! Our work also includes assisting you with your signage! The goal: decorative AND functional signage. And since we design all our patterns ourselves, we plan them to be adaptable across all mediums!

At Azaé, we opted for frames for a cozy effect and optimal budget control. As we provide the client with an editable file, updating internal information in the future will be straightforward!

Stylish, Useful, and Aesthetic Window Decals

Window decal (or glass decoration) is essential for marking glass partitions, but it can also be crucial for discreetly designating spaces such as meeting rooms. The idea: allow light while maintaining privacy!

Here too, we were able to adapt the organic forms of “Nature & Materials » to create stylish and functional window decals. All of this was done in line with the ambiences conceived by VOOS FRIEDEL for the building’s five floors.

Maison Les Muses vitrophanie végétale sur une cloison vitrée dans un bureau. Vitrophanie design et vitrophanie bureau. Maison Les Muses vegetal window decal on a glass partition in an office. Design window decals and privacy film. Vinilos para oficinas que representan vegetación hechos por Maison Les Muses en una mampara de cristal. Vinilos para mamparas de vidrio en oficina moderna.
It was truly a pleasure to collaborate with our two "Muses" on our professional space layout and design project. Elegance, flexibility, proposition strength, and personalization are the keywords of their work and commitment. And the result speaks for itself!
Emmanuelle Diringer
Space Designer at VOOS FRIEDEL

A Wonderful Success!

A thousand thanks to Emmanuelle Diringer, Space Designer at VOOS FRIEDEL, and her entire team, as well as the Azaé team, for this magnificent project that underscores the importance of welcoming and well-thought-out premises!

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