Decor Idea for Meeting Room: a Japandi wallpaper with the « Zen Garden » Motif

The meeting room is a key space in the daily operations of a company. It serves as the central point for internal events, client and supplier interactions, and often reflects the company’s commitment to quality of work life, brand image, and employer reputation.

So, how can you easily create a beautiful, unique, and pleasant meeting room? The answer lies with the company Loeber, which entrusted us with decorating their main meeting room.

A Custom wallpaper : The Smart Solution for Professional Office Decoration

Harmonizing existing furniture with new floors and walls can already be a complex task. Adding a panoramic mural might seem almost impossible.

Yet, a panoramic mural ensures that your meeting room exudes a captivating decorative impact: a strong and prominent artwork that unquestionably adds character to your space. It’s the ideal trick for designing professional office spaces.

Moreover, with the Collection, everything becomes simpler. The Collection consists of a series of wallpapers created by us, adaptable in size and color to your space.

Zen Garden, a Mural Inspired by Japanese Landscapes Perfect for Meeting Room Decor

Zen Garden is a motif from the Collection, designed by our artist Pascale Laroche. Inspired by Japanese prints, she created a dreamy, abstract landscape featuring mountains and vegetation. A serene ambiance, perfect for a meeting room.

For this project, we chose almond tones to complement the soothing blues found elsewhere in the room. Subtle pops of brighter colors invigorate the overall atmosphere.

The result: a soft and relaxing atmosphere that remains distinctive and elegant. The perfect compromise for a workspace conducive to discussions and interactions.

"I was looking to renovate an office space with character, and my interior decorator suggested Les Muses. I immediately embraced the concept of a mural. The interaction was excellent, and the result was very satisfying. The mural integrates well with the room, and the majority of visitors compliment the decor. I chose an existing model that I liked, but if the opportunity arises, I would certainly consider a dedicated creation."
Gabriel Schott
Managing Director, Loeber Georges SAS

Mission Accomplished for Les Muses

Thanks again to Gabriel Schott and Valérie Dumas, interior decorator and founder of Deco E Sens, for this wonderful collaboration.

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