Custom Panoramic for Wall Decoration in a Parisian Restaurant

The Stand, a Parisian restaurant, turned to Les Muses for the wall decoration of its establishment. The Floralis pattern was chosen to bring a touch of softness and vegetation, creating a contrast with the restaurant’s red walls. A modern wall decoration for this restaurant, thanks to a custom panoramic!


An Ideal Panoramic for Restaurants

Our wall murals are more durable than regular wallpapers. The added bonus? They are water-repellent and washable! Sauce stains, grease, coffee spills do not penetrate the fiber. And to remove them, just gently rub with a damp sponge or a bit of soap. This has been tested and approved through the tests we conducted in our own kitchen!

Quick Installation Thanks to Our Wall fabric

Want a bit of a change but don’t have time to close the restaurant for construction for more than a day?

Our panoramics are wrinkle-resistant and tear-proof. They come with an installation guide for quick setup! LIEN VERS PAGE POSE 

Simple, quick, and effective: the ideal solution for a stylish restaurant decoration.

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