Create Your Design Window Decal with the Collection

Design also finds its way onto your glass partitions. Original and tailored decorations: these are window decals.

At Les Muses, we can create completely dedicated window decals, but to make things easier for you, we have also envisioned a Collection of fully customizable decorations for design window decals.

What is a Les Muses Window Decal?

A Les Muses window decal is the custom shaping of a high-quality adhesive film designed for glass surfaces. Printed and cut to shape, it can be transparent or translucent, colored, or have a frosted glass effect. Window decals allow you to play with light and colors. We are specialists in this field! In 2022, our creativity and expertise in this area were recognized with the Antalis International Interior Design Award.

Necessary for Privacy

In many situations, window decals are necessary to provide privacy or obscure views in certain spaces. Video call booth, meeting rooms, consulting rooms: glass partitions are appreciated because they are easy to install and allow light to pass through. However, they do not ensure privacy. The solution: a window decal!

vitrophanie design

Originality and creations: Design Window Decals

Linear stripes or gradients: standard window decals are often lacking in originality… At Les Muses, we love to explore the decorative potential of all these glass surfaces! A new space for expression to add a vegetal or graphic touch while adhering to accessibility standards. From office walls to grand entrance lobbies: we can decorate everything with custom design window decals. And the icing on the cake: our patterns are also adaptable for wall coverings! This way, you can coordinate a magnificent panorama with a design window decal for a complete and polished atmosphere.

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Maison Les Muses vitrophanie de paysage sur une cloison vitrée dans un bureau. Vitrophanie design et vitrophanie bureau. Maison Les Muses landscape window decal on a glass partition in an office. Design window decals and privacy film. Vinilos para oficinas que representan paisajes hechos por Maison Les Muses en una mampara de cristal. Vinilos para mamparas de vidrio en oficina moderna.