Artistic Signage!

Guiding, facilitating access, managing flows, directing your customers… Signage is a key element in the movement of visitors and users within your spaces. It’s absolutely essential that your customers don’t get lost! In this regard, signage can contribute to the users’ sense of well-being as much as decoration can.

But does this signage necessarily have to be neutral, even outdated or boring? The answer is no. Trust in the Muses!

A mandatory element that can become an asset

Whether indicating access for people with reduced mobility or adorning windows to draw attention, signage is a required aspect for a public-friendly space. Often, we turn to off-the-shelf solutions without considering that this signage can become a true decorative support.

Indeed, by combining iconography and typography with a variety of possible mediums, it’s possible to create genuine artistic signage!

A range of possible techniques for creative outcomes

Digital printing now offers us dozens of different solutions suited to signage.

For walls, plaques are available in materials and finishes that vary dramatically. Brushed aluminum, engraved wood, fully printed panels… the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! And the results are of high quality and durability.

Printed vinyl also allows for all sorts of decorations on a sticker that can then be applied to a wall, a door, or even a reception desk.

For glass surfaces, the classic choice is translucent vinyl, imitating frosted glass or colored stained glass. The results here are also impressive. 

What about wallpaper?

Well, since our creations are 100% tailored and personalized, we can integrate signage into our wall murals!

Why entrust your signage to the Muses?

Our experience in the field, our creativity, and our knowledge of techniques enable us to advise you on the best solution for your location and ensure its design.

Discover our different fields.

We offer a comprehensive and complete service to adorn all public-facing locations while integrating clear and understandable signage. Signage can indeed be both artistic and beautiful!

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