An Iconic color : Klein Blue

Klein Blue, also known as IKB – International Klein Blue – was created by the artist Yves Klein in the 1960s. This timeless color is so vibrant that it takes us on a journey and brings true personality to our interiors.

Les Muses Love Klein Blue!

Derived from crushed Lapis Lazuli, this color creates chic and precious atmospheres. Its ambiance changes depending on the lighting and the colors it’s paired with. Thanks to the Collection, we can combine it with warm or cool colors. It pairs beautifully with shades of yellow, from soft to spicier tones, and also complements soft greens or deeper turquoise hues.

We can incorporate this color with various customizable patterns that can fit all decorating styles and types of professional spaces, such as corporate dining rooms, hotel rooms, and more.

Here are a few examples for you with this “out-of-the-box” color.

décoration-bleu Klein pour hôtel

The possibilities are endless 

Feel free to explore our creations and contact us if you have any special requests.