Plant Mom

The Inspiration: Lovely Plants Spotted on a Balcony!

Creator’s Note: “Often, inspiration comes while wandering. Color and texture juxtaposition among different types of leaves and pots: this balcony was so charming that I wanted to recreate it.

Panoramic Wallpaper

Ideal for creating a little bit of French Touch on a wall.

Custom-printed on an incredible fabric made for walls.

Wrinkle-resistant, tear-resistant, and washable, our fabric is easy to install and can even be placed in a bathroom.

It’s also certified A+ for indoor air quality and M1 for fire resistance.

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Window Decals

Perfect for decorating glass surfaces.

The materials we use for window decals have been selected for their quality and durability.

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Adhesive Decorations

Great for ceilings or walls covered with painted fiberglass.

Slow printing, high-quality materials, and matte lamination: our adhesive decorations are not just stickers, but real enhancements. The materials we use have been chosen for their quality and durability. They are guaranteed M1 for fire resistance.

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This pattern is available in numerous colors curated by our designers.

Are you looking for specific colors perfectly suited for your project? We can customize all the colors of our designs!

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