Window sticker and work of art

functional meets wow

Let’s make it look good

Window stickers don’t have to be purely functional, why not make them part of your visual identity? When done right, window stickers can be an extension or an integral part of the overall design, making an interior truly unique and appealing.
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Different sorts of materials, from classic to innovative

Not only do we work with classic materials, we are also constantly on the lookout for new materials to use, such as the window-sticking Veil. This material is elegant, soft and can be used for any custom design. It works perfectly with any color palette to give the finished design incredibly rich visual textures.

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Customizable wallpaper or window sticker

starting 90€ / m2

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Création murale pour bureau de direction par Les Muses, teintes zen, paysage estampe japonaise
Les Muses, hôtel, signalétique
Les Muses, hôpital
Décoration murale sur mesure pour boutique, fresque Grenades par Les Muses