fresque personnalisée végétale sur-mesure par Les Muses pour hotel, hotellerie, émeraude et rose

How we do what we do in agreement with our values

Les Muses, création artistique

Made in France.

We are also very proud to have all our products designed and made in France (more specifically in Alsace).

a team of pros.

Academically trained and with solid professional experience in different forms of visual, graphic and decorative arts, the members of Les Muses are above all creative people who love experimenting with designs, both physical and digital. We believe that art, craft and technology can all be powerful means working together to create amazing designs.

Décoration murale sur mesure pour boutique, fresque Grenades par Les Muses


We don’t believe in cheap thrills, we prefer the real thing. We strive to make every single one of our designs as unique as possible, so that it always tells the story you want it to tell. We don’t want to follow trends, we want to make them.